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Hello there I'm new here. Just bought 2 Seadoo's last week for the wife and I to have some fun on the weekends. I purchased a 2006 RXP and a 1998 GTX Limited. I work on cars professionally at a GM dealership but I am not very familiar with working on PWC's. We rode them this past weekend and both of them ran great.

A few questions on the GTX Limited.
1. The fuel gauge always reads full so I assume the previous owner rigged it to not have to listen to the low fuel warning chime. What all is involved to replace the sender assembly/float?
2. I have them stored in a garage and the GTX seems to have a strong fuel odor coming from the hull. I cannot see any visible fuel leaks or anything. Is this a typical characteristic of these skis? Does it being a 2 stroke have anything to do with it?

Thank you.
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