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is it safe?

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hi i am a newbe here
my q' is :
i live in nj , the winter its preety cold .
if i Winterizing the jet ski and cover it , and leave in the back yard, can the cold harm it ? cause i see all the time in the classifides , pepole writeing "keeped in heated garage" or "garage kept" .
if so .... do u guys have any idea for me where and how to keep it in the winter, so nothing will go bad? i dont have a garage.
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u can keep it out side
i would buy a cover then put a heavy duty tarp over that
once in a whilt clear the snow off the ski
Just make sure to clear as much water out of the engine as possible when you winterize it. Wouldn't want that water freezing and cracking the engine case!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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