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Yikes Watch Out

Hi all,

I'm looking for my first pwc and i like the look of the Kawasaki 250X 08/09 model.
The more i'm reading about them the more worried i am about engine and other quality problems.
I've looked into some other brands, and of course they too have issues, but the kawasaki problems appear to be worse (especially this feul/oil problem)

I do prefer the looks of the Kawasaki, and here in Oz they are cheaper than all the other brands, but before i buy i'd appreciate some honest feedback about just how common these issues are and what i can expect from this craft.
What are things to look for when buying to check for these common Kawa issues?

You are absolutely right about to be concerned about the quality and dependability. I have witnessed horror stories where crankshafts fail a lot and good ole Kawasaki gives you the middle finger warranty when it comes to repairing it for free, Anybody that buys one of those is begging for trouble. The top two lines of jet skis are Seadoo and Yamaha. Then you go to the "DAEWOO" of jet skis Kawasaki. Hondas are maintenance nightmares just to keep the turbos runnin. Who makes the only jet boats? Seadoo and Yamaha.

In my opinion I would rather stop jet skiing then ride a Kawasaki.:laugh: They just don't stack up.:thumbsdown:

I really just want a nice ski to cruise around on and occasionally pull skiers. One that's reliable and won't be costing me a fortune in maintenance to keep on the water.
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