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Is my Bilge Pump working??? 96 SL780

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I don't really know....

The kids ride the ski and don't abuse it. So I don't see alot of water getting into it. However, after removing the seat Sunday there was about 3" of standing water. It was at least to the top of the pump.

I'm new to these things. Is the Bilge Automatic on this ski or am I missing a switch to turn it on. I've had the seat of many times and have only see a 1/2" in the bottom. I remove the plug everytime I load the ski and USUALLY no water comes out. So it must be working. Right? I have never heard or seen it pump.

Just curious..

Richard Z.
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bildge probs?

Your bildge pump should come on every few minutes. Even when not running!!!If it feels no back pressure it will shut off. If if feels pressure it will continue to pump until the water has vacated the PWC. To test the pump disconect a battery terminal and re connect it. You should hear your pump come on for a second or two. If not twist out the pump and look under it... maybe something is stuck to the bottom... clean it.
I hope this helps. Paul
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