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The VX Deluxe is about $8500 brand new. $11,000 for teh cruiser sounds about right. SC doesn't require you to carry insurance on your PWC but your lender might if you have it financed. The Deluxe is what I went with because for the price, it wasn't worth going with the cruiser for the power. We don't need to go 80mph on the water, I'm happy with 67mph on the deluxe. The key things I wanted were Reverse, mirrors and the security system that disables the ignition and puts a speed regulator on for teenagers that like to get wild on them.
A trailer for 2 skis would probably cost you about $1500 or more. I paid $800 for a single trailer from a sporting goods store. But I wouldn't buy a trailer from a dealer cuz they will try to sell you all kids of stuff with it and overcharge you. The dealer wanted to add $1200 for the trailer and I found a better one fro $800.... Henry's Sporting Goods in Mt. Pleasant, SC is a good place to look.
Hope this helps!
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