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1. Is this on your FX? On the FX HO the more open end of the seals face towards the rear of the ski. I suspect it would be the same on the FX, but don't know for sure.

2. Best way to install the bearings is to freeze the crank overnight in the freezer (don't tell the wife). Then heat the bearings lightly in the oven (some use a heat gun), and they will slide right on.

3. You want to use waterproof marine type of grease.

4. The FX HO (and I suspect the FX as well) does not have a separate wear ring. Basically, the impeller housing is the wear ring (stainless steel). You can buy aftermarket housings that do have a replaceable plastic wear ring inside, that can be changed out when it wears out. There are pros and cons to the plastic wear ring. I probably would not recommend one unless you ride where you are picking up lots of small rocks etc. through the pump.
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