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Lets face it, jet skis are frowned upon amongst cottage owners and many boaters out there. Primarily due to the ignorance and lack of respect riders show there fellow watersport enthusiaists. By following these simple basic guidelines "for starters" we can all enjoy the stress free waters.
Whether solo or with a passenger, jet skis are a great form of summer fun on the water. It's important to operate jet skis safely and to always be considerate of others on or near the water. Emphasise these guidelines to your guests as well.

Jet Ski Waterway Safety & Etiquette Tips


* Right of way. Sailboats, commercial vessels and fishing vessels always have the right of way. Stay to the right of when approaching an oncoming craft. If you are about to cross paths with another boat, the craft on the right side has the right of way.
* Awareness. Constantly look for traffic on the water around and especially near you. Know where other boats are and where they're heading before you make a turn or cross a wake.
* Wave or Wake Jumping. If your course takes you across the wake of another boat, make sure that boat does not obstruct your visibility.
* Operating speed. Follow local regulations regarding speed limits, whether posted or not. In congested areas, lower your speed.
* Passengers and Guests. Never carry more than the maximum passenger load specified for your craft.
* Maintenance. Check your craft internally and externally before you get on the water. Follow factory maintenance schedule for your watercraft.


* Launch ramp etiquette. Be considerate and efficient. Prepare your craft beforehand and perform all safety checks before you get into the water. Launch quickly and quietly.
* Noise. Be considerate of waterfront property owners and others near and on the water. Excessive noise from a poorly maintained or modified exhaust system disturbs others and is illegal in many areas.
* Environments. Don't spill fuel or oil and don't leave litter or other pollutants where they don't belong. Be sensitive to marine life; the water is their home.
* Other water enthusiasts. Personal watercraft riders must share the waterways with other boaters, fisherman, swimmers, surfers, and skiers; respect their rights to safety, access and use of the water.
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