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i have had jet skies for most of my adult life and just last year my jet ski exploded when i tryed to start it. i now have perminent hearing loss and tromitized over the whole thing. all i am saying is before you start your ski take the seat off and vent out the engine could save your life and spare the constant ringing in the ears from the exploding prucution. this is more common than you can google jet ski explosins and jet ski fires and there are a lot of these avoidable explosions happening than we realise.a simple vent fan instaled just like the boats with an enclosed engine has, would solve a majority of the problems. be carfull. knowledge is safty! oh my jet ski that exploded was a polaris. to this day polaris ofered me only $1000.00 and want me to sighn a waver,in wich i did not except.anyone else experience this?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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