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Seventeen friend's and family rented a beach house in Waves, North Carolina. Waves is close to Rodanthe and is about 30 miles from Hatteras Inlet.

Friday my wife and I dropped the jet ski in and ran along the ocean front from Hatteras Inlet to the shoals off of The Point by Hatteras Light. We saw only two cobia, I managed to catch a nice citation sea turtle that I released. Ha! It gave a good fight before finally coming close enough for me to get my hook out. He must of been pretty old cause the barnacles on him were huge.

The second day three of us, Todd West of Gloucester Virginia and Bryant and I of Poquoson Va. Dropped our jet skis in around 0515 hrs at Teaches Lair. We headed thirty miles offshore to the "Rockpile" and trolled and bottom fished catching Mahi, Amberjack, Sea Bass and Triggerfish. It was a bumpy trip out so we made poor time getting out, but the ride back was a little better with seas behind us. We got back to the ramp around 1500hrs, 10 hours and about 80 miles in the saddle was a full day.

The third day I was the only man left standing, Todd and Bryant had a little too much sun. I left the inlet around 0700 hrs and went about 18 miles offshore and fished a couple wrecks. I broke in my new Atlas reel catching fish non stop in about 90 feet of water. I caught over 20 Triggers, Sea Bass, Amberjack and Oystertoads. I also saw some Cobia, Baracuda, Sheepshead and Spadefish. You can see how I was playing Etch-A-Sketch with my GPS, I worked over the wreck for almost four hours. The weather was near perfect and I made the return trip of 18 miles in 25 minutes at about 42 miles per hour.

I had a fantastic weekend with family and friends and on the water. Here are some of the pictures I took this weekend.

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