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It was New Years Day and a doable marine forcast so I trailered to Owls Creek boat ramp at Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach Virginia. I dropped around 0900 hrs and went straight out about 2 miles offshore where there were severall other boats, some bait and some birds. I trolled a couple Stretches and Mojos and only had one brief hit after 4 hours of trolling. Water temp was about 43.5 and I fished in 30 to 40 feet of water. I did see a couple of others boats catch some medium size Stripers and I heard that the bite was a little better earlier and south of me It was a little sloppy with 3-4 footers and a north wind so I did not feel like running around today. First trip of the year a skunk but I will make up for it soon hopefully. I took a bunch of peilican pics when I got back in the inlet. Here are some of them from today.

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