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I have been jet ski fishing now for about 9 years. I already had a boat and a smaller polaris pwc. It started by me using my pwc to run out and catch croaker and spot to use for the next days cobia trip on my boat. I gradually started going further and further and fishing from it in the same places as I would my boat. It was nice to be able to run at 45-55mph and get to the places I like to fish fast at a fraction of the cost.

About three years ago I decided to rig a PWC just for fishing. After a lot of on line research a decided on the Yamaha SUV 1200, primarily because of its size and storage. It is the largest and only 4 person PWC made by yamaha from 1998-2004, with over 115 gallons of storage of items up to 6 feet long. Size equals stability and a better ride in rough seas. I wish yamaha would bring something like it back, except with a 2 stroke of course. With a few modifications I have turned my PWC into a jet ski fishing machine.

As I get older I have less time to do the things I want. My jet ski saves me time getting out and back.It is easy to clean up and maintain and can be kept on my dock or in my garage.

I think jet ski fishing is different not just because it on a pwc but also because it is a fun. I love being 30 or 40 miles offshore and feeling each wave below me and being focused on what I am doing and where I am going.

I do not think it is for everyone, just like kayak fishing is not for everyone, nor is surf fishing. But it can take you to that near or distant spot and enable you to drift or troll like a kayaker or anchor or beach it and surf fish a remote favorite area.

There are pros and cons to any mode of transportation, I think it jet ski fishing just adds another option that I think a lot of people are learning to appreciate.

Here are a couple of before and after shots of my Yamaha.

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