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I just purchased a 2006 kawasaki jet ski from a privite party. Rode it twice and worked great. third time out it shut down in limp mode flashing a code and beeping. The code said OIL. I checked the oil and it had lots of oil so this is not the problem. I pulled the wire off the sending unit and it still beeps. I stuck a paper clip into the wire connector and shorted it to ground, still beeping. Question. Is the oil pressure sinsor a normally grounded switch? or is it an open surcit and grounding sets it off?

FLASH CODE IS "0ILL S" I have taken this to a shop in Vancouver WA and they are telling my they cant tell what this code means. They are saying it is not the right code as far as what the books show. Would this mean bad computer board? Or do they just not know what they are talking about? Dan
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