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Hi guys,

So bought my first ski few months ago and been tinkering around with it since to get it running smoothly (Kawasaki super sport xi 750 1993).
Have changed spark plugs, carb rebuild kit done all the maintenance as per manual and she seems to be running fine. The only issue I have is when hooked up to the hose or in water there’s no water coming through the tell tale. There is water getting to the point before this (what looks like an electronically operated valve??) but it does not flow through it. It was clogged with salt but have cleaned this out but still no joy :( I could obviously bypass this so it has a flow path but then I’m presuming this takes out my line of safety with the engine overheating and me landing up with a con Rod through my ass worst case scenario.

Ive looked in manual and found the part no but cannot seem to find a replacement for love or money.

Does anybody know where I can source one of these? Our how to possibly free of this valve if it seized or test the electronic side of it etc? See pictures attached.
Thanks in advance!!
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