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Sup guys, new here... I'll be a lot more active here, I'm taking deliver of 3 jet ski's within the next couple of months. 1 FX SHO (hopefully) 1 FX HO, and maybe a 1 VX or GP1300. I have already talked to a Yamaha dealer, he claims that the FX SHO should be ready around the 15th of May (hopefully it works out)

The question I have is I will be putting a lift in behind my house (live on the water) and I got a few quotes, maybe a few crazy ones, had 2 people come out to look at it, 1 was a no show. One of them deals with Hi Tide lifts and the other Hurricane they both showed me the same plans with an Elevator lift that rises with 3 jet skis and having running boards between them. One quoted me for about 10k, and the other for about 5300 for the lift and 1500 for the installation, he said he was throwing in the remote for FREE. I don't know how lifts go I've never had a lift installed. Should I bargain?
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