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I'm looking to build a stand for my 650SX to use in my garage for storage/service. I'd like it to have castering wheels for ease of movement around garage.

Is anybody willing to share their pics or plans on how to build one of these? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help!


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My solution

Hey hobie,
I just joined to (so your in good company) I last year bought a 650sx too and I love it being that I live in Long Island I am surrounded by salt water and the last thing i wanted to do was leave it out in the backyard to rust away. So i came across this same issue. My solution was to head over to Home Depot and pick up a pvc pipe [and cut it in half] and bolt the two pieces to a 4 wheel hardwood flat dolly [used for moving furniture, i had lying around]. I bolted it by pre drilling holes in the dolly and using washers with the bolts and it has been holding up well for [now a year] I winterized my ski on it and everything.:):D

I feel like saved a lot of money by making this as apposed to purchasing a prefabricated one specifically for PWC's

I recommend if you are going to follow my method to spread the pvc pipes out slightly wider becuase i feel like i set mine a little to narrow and now is not fully sitting in the ski hull groove.:(

I took these pictures just a few minutes ago. :) :violent-smiley-028:

now on to the cheap way to make a winch/davit :062:


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