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clash1 said:

I was wondering if some people could give me some pros and cons of the 2006 Yamaha FX cruiser High Output and the 2006 Sea Doo GTX SC?

thanks in advance :)

the best is go try to take a test run on each
call ur local dealers and ask if that is possible

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Well the sea doo has a SC i have had guys i know with the clutch go bad ...i dont know if this was the skis fault or guys not leting off the gas when they wave jump...there has been a rash of them ....and the doo is kinda big it goes well has good speed but im not a fan of SD dealers and the way they handle things.....They have a closed loop cooling system that is very nice ..
But use the ride plate to do it so your stuck there if you want to mod the plate you cant......

The yam is a good all around ski Pretty fast nice ride it is also kinda big and dont handle as well ....Its more of a fast family ride ...The Motors are pretty bullet proof with proper care ....But i hate the pisser on the yam i always feel like im geting rain or somebody is takeing a leak on me some people love it ...Hope this helps
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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