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I'm completely new to PWC - except having rented jet skis perhaps a dozen times. I pay $100/hr for rentals, and so I'm thinking maybe I should just buy an inexpensive used jet ski instead.

My favorite jet skiing is jumping through the waves on a rough day in the ocean. That's all I really care for; don't even need much speed, as long as it's fast enough to jump :) And obviously, I'm not an experienced rider, so I'd rather go for something that's less likely to flip.

What models would you recommend to look at? I have friends who like to ride, so I'm looking for a 2- or 3-seater; is there any reason not to get a 3-seater?

I was hoping to get something decent for $2-3k, plus ~$500/year in maintenance, oil, and gas based on ~40 hours/year use.

Thank you!
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