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Hey there, I think you will be happier with a three seat ski. I own three of them and wouldn't trade for a two seat ski.

As far as what type and model I would recomend, is a four stroke Seadoo GTX. The four stroke is easy to maintain and will out last two strokes.

Next is the closed loop cooling system. You said you were going to wave jump, I assume that means saltwater. Closed loop is much better in that environment.

The three seater will give you more weight and a longer ski, which will result in a better ride and less wet. You typically will have a larger storage compartment and glove box.

You can pick up 2002's in your price range.

As you can tell I am partial to Seadoo. Thats my RXT-IS in my avitar:git:

Catch Ya on the flipside :00000048:
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