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Jetski starts fine but won't run

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Hi guys, im new to this website and im hoping someone has had a similar problem before and can help me out with some ideas??? We have a Polaris SLT780 3 seater :
A few weeks ago we ran it for an hour or so and it just stopped. We were towed back to the harbour and by then about 90 mins had lapsed and it started up and ran again. Got home went to flush her out and it wouldn't start again. Took it to a marine shop and he said possibly the rectifier, and ruled out mechanical. He thought he had fixed it by finding an earth problem and to put her back on the water and try it again. We did this the following weekend, ran it for about 75mins, no problem at all. Just as we were deciding to pull her out of the water she stopped again.
We took her to another mechanic and at first he thought she was fuel starved. He has gone right over it and has said its nothing mechanical, its got to be electrical. We phoned an auto electrician who apparently works on jetskis and he didn't want to look at it, he said buy an ingition module and he will put it in. The jetski now will fire up every time but she wont run. Its as if right after she starts, someone pulls the key out. It stops. So short of spending a fortune on an ingnition module, or a recitifer or a few other things... i really can't afford the "what if" scenario. We could end up buying several new parts and it still isn't the problem. If anyone can help us out, we would be so grateful. Thanks, Chris
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When they ruled out mechanical did they tell you what each cylinder compression tested at? It could be electrical i.e. losing spark do a search online for a cruz tools spark tester or go to I have one of these and they come in handy for checking spark. Buy the spark tester it fits between the spark plug cap and the spark plug. Run the boat and when it dies install it and check for spark at each cylinder. If your pwc is the type that you have to remove the tip the spark tester has the same type of tip that can be removed. Before you go to the lake install it and start your boat so you can see how it works (should have a flashing orange light). It lights up pretty good. Also when you say it won't start are you saying it won't crank over, or it cranks over but doesn't start?
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