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Hey all-

I was wondering what was recommended for a project boat...

We have rented a few pwc's over the years and would like to have one of my own. The first were early 1990's yamaha waverunners which we liked a lot- fast enough to be fun and you didn't have to be a ballerina to get on them without them flipping over. We then rented some seadoos about 5 years later or so which we did not like at all- they were very hard to get on and were always tipping under turns that weren't even that agressive. I rented a seadoo again in the bahamas back in 2002 which I did like a lot but those are probably really expensive... I definitely prefer the sit down style to the original kawasaki stand-ups.

However- are engine/jet pump parts available for pwc's this old? Are the parts affordable? Which powerplant is most reliable/cheapest to repair/foudation for playing with modifications? Is it better to buy one with hull damage or engine damage as far as figuring if it is worth to fix? I figure I can build a trailer pretty cheaply if one doesn't come with it.

I am in ohio btw so they are less available than somewhere near the ocean I would think.

Thanks for any help you may be able to offer!
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