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In the next 48 hours, our Jettribe Team members and riders are making our annual migration to the 2013 King's Cup in Pataya, Thailand! The Jettribe Clan is literally flying in from all corners of the Earth to meet in Thailand. Rick S. , Geno C. and Derek C from the East Coast of the United States. Corey H. flies in from the middle of the United States, the Lone Star State - Texas. Wudy is traveling from China. Tony V. and John C. are flying out from Southern California. Kylie E., Jaime S. and Brad flying in from "down under" (Australia). James B. is flying in from the UK and Aero A. hops on a short flight from Indonesia. Plus, our entire Jettribe Asian staff (our unsung heroes) Karie, Grace, and Wendy will also be present at the King's cup!

Best wishes and safe racing to our 6 team riders. Plus, huge thanks to our 10 dedicated Jettribe support staff for traveling such a long way to complete our Jettribe Team! And we can not do what we do in Thailand without the support from our good, long-time friend and Jettribe distributor, Sam and his family of Motor Field for taking care of all of our team's needs in Thailand.

This year we come back better prepared and our riders have been training hard all year. Last year at the 2012 King's Cup , our USA Jettribe Team was plagued with flu and sickness. Ultimately, it cost us a potential spot on the podium.

The King's Cup has some of the fastest PWC racers in the world and the classes are stacked with some of the best athletes this sport has to offer. Please wish our Jettribe Team the best of luck and safe racing this next week in Thailand.

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