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JS 440 carb tuning?

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I have a 86 js300 that i converted to a 440. I installed a bn44 mik and manifold on the engine. The ski starts easily but it is tempermental in all rpm ranges. the carb has a vac cap on the rev limiter port. I have been reading posts that talk about a restricter for removing the rev limiter. I have never heard of this. Any sugestions?
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It sounds like you were having the same problem that I am having with my 85 550. It had the rev limiter removed when i got it and does not want to run smooth no matter how much I tweak the carb. It sounds like you have found the solution. What exactly did you do to fix this problem? Restriction in the return line? What did you use, how did you do it, etc? Any help will be apreciated as I am pulling my hair out as well.

Thanks, Joe
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