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JS 440 Fuel/carb problem. Need some help.

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I just bought a 78 js440 that had been torn apart to have the engine rebuilt. I put it all back together and everything works fine except i can't get any fuel to the carb. It looks to have a carb on it other than stock and i am not sure i have the fuel lines hooked up correctly. I have already replaced the check valve from the fuel tank and checked the diaphragms in the carb. Anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong?
Here is a picture of the carb.

Appreciate it.
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On fuel pickup on top of tank it goes clockwise, vent, on, return, reserve. Make sure your fuel valve is turned to on or reserve and blow into the return line to pressurize the fuel tank. Fuel should come out the line to your fuel pump. Yes this is a different carb than stock since I believe it was a Kiehin. Not sure about lines on your carb though.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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