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I was given an 89 JS 440. The motor was taken apart when i got it and there was a few holes in the side, look like some little kid smacked it with a hammer, but those have been fixed and its now rockin some Grabber Orange (mustang color) Paint, it looks real nice but doesnt run. This thing was totally torn apart, broken piston and hoses everywhere. good news was the motor drive shaft and teering all turned very freely. Im trying to determine where everything goes, like a small line that comes out from the top of the crankcase. And which lines go to the carb, Also Where does the line for the engine cooling water go, is it the exhaust pipe? how does the flush kit work. what should i do, prepare for to tune the motor once i get it back together, any common carb or fuel problems. Heres the stupidest question, does it have crankcase oil, i see a cap over the flywheel housing, but no way to drain anything, im guessing no? im a car guy sorry. anything else i should know. Im thinking of buying another one, 550 probably, what are they like compared to eachother, and anything to keep in mind when looking a potential new js? thank you.
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