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hey guys im working on this junker jetski i just picked up for 250 bones with both motors but the 440 is blown so im dropping the 650 in. i just finished fiberglass reinforcement of the hull and am ready to drop the 650 in there. however im reusing the 440 ignition module but i need to know which wires go where cuz the colors dont mesh.

off of the motor i have 5 wires: 2 solid yellow, 1 solid black, 1 black w/ white stripe, and 1 black with red stripe.

OFF OF THE MODULE i have 5 wires: 2 solid green, 1 solid black, 1 solid grey, and 1 solid red.

wiring diagrams or explanations of where these wires go to would be much appreciated

thanks guys!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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