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hi there,
another noob with a b ox of bits project off ebay!!! bought a js440 pre85, impulse buy to get on the water, i have the engine back in but have no spark, the trigger coil in the stator is open circuit so i guess this would need changing. however with the ski was a total loss flywheel kit of unknown manufacture, which i wish to use to get the ski going before i spend any more money on it, it has a anodised blue lightened flywheel, single trigger pick up on the stator, inside the gutted cdi unit is a dura coil and a little black box made by kv products which has automatic cutoff switch module written on it and a single led(rev limiter maybe?), if any of you kind gents know of any company that may have a schematic for this conversion it would help, alternatively a cheap standard stator assy.
googling kv brings no results, dyna coil have no idea about it and dynatec are unsure, so at my wits end in the uk want to get on the water at least once this summer before we freeze over again!!lol any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!chris
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