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I'm not trying to tell ya'll what to do on here, but here is a few of my suggestions.

Change the background. The "lake, water" thing. To me it just doesn't seem up-to-date. It looks old to me, but that is just me.

Have regulations on what you can put as your profile picture. Some people may find the profile pictures of boobs offending and unprofessional.

Make the board modern. This is a good board and I love the information on here, very helpful! But some things just look old on here. Take the Reply Box for instance. It just looks old, like it came out of a 95 Windows computer program.

Make sure that everyone is replied to. Some people that post on here could get offended by the lack of recognition. If they post about asking for help, then SOMEONE needs to reply to them. Even if you don't know what they are talking about, then get someone who does know how to resolve they're problem to reply.

WE NEED MORE PHOTOS. Add pictures of your PWC. Even if it's not yours, if it looks cool or anything interesting, put it on there.

Make it easier to edit your profile and that sort of thing. I find it kind of confusing.

The photo of the day thing. It changes every time I load a new page. Just becuase I load a new page doesn't mean it is a new day. And like I said, if it is going to show a new picture every page load, I am tired of seeing the same old PWC's.

I want this site to grow and become bigger, and these are just a few of my suggestions. I will always be a member of this board. Alot of good potential and information is on here!!!
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