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just bought a 1994 yamaha wr3 700

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I just bought a 94 wr3 700. I took it out for the first time and when i try to go full trottle itll start going but after about 5 seconds it will bog down like if its getting flooded. But i cant tell if its getting flooded or if theres not enough fuel. Im going to go out one night this week and mess with the screws on the carb, if it doesnt need adjusting the carb probably has to be cleaned it sat for a little while before i bought it.
I was just curious if anyone knew a rough estimate of the top speed on this? I tried searching the forum and i found someone stated the 93 wr3 650 did about 38...was wondering if there was any difference with the 700.
Any information is greatly appreciated.
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rebuild the carbs before u blow up the engine
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