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Sorry took soo long to update how things went. Dealership agreed to pay for repairing the bottom of my ski, I just have to take it in at the end of the season. It took a little arguing but they finally gave me some new rims for my trailer too.
Couple pics of the bottom of my ski:

This is where my ski hit the trailer:

I cant seem to understand why in the hell shorelander has that tube going soo far back. It could have ended where the other bars 'Y' off and probably of been fine.

Now that I have hit the 10hr mark i need to change the oil. I noticed that when the ski is cold the oil level is in the middle of the high and low marks on the dipstick. But when I pulled it out of the lake this afternoon and checked, it was way high. Obviously the nimrod at the dealership only checked the oil level cold when he was filling it. I was going to measure how much i sucked out and put that much back in when i changed it but now that wont work. Should i suck all i can out and just add a little over 2 qts (manual says 2.33q w/ filter change)? One last thing, anyone know what oil filter this takes? Preferably what K&N filter. I can't find the info anywhere
Yes you should siphon out what oil is left. I use a vacum hand pump from West Marine called the "Topsider" works great with a controlled draw. just wiggle the siphon tube while it is drawing.

When you refill add the two quarts and check the fill level. Then top off and see if it took it all or not. That way you will know what came out.

As far as a filter ask Ernest T on this forum he knows Yamaha real well

Good Luck
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