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Just got a 1997 GSX which is in great shape, hull, VTS works, guages/info center, power up gives the 2 beeps and starter engaged adn turned motor over with plugs out 150hrs, came with a double trailer in great shape.

I want to keep the ski and I paid 800 for it so seems like putting a new motor in it would be reasonable.

The motor..
Wouldnt start, began the tear down, all water passages had corrosion in them like it was rarely flushed, had to clean them out, rave pto rave valve was jammed in motor packed with carbon and sludge, literaly had to break it apart to get it out, tops of pistons and head were really coated too, found sand in between the crankcase sides.. some debris in the bottom of crankcase, counter balance oil seal is destroyed, outer crank seals are shot...

Basically the motor is a total loss, looking at just parts alone with me doing all the work would cost as much as many rebuilds..

So basically I would like some input from you guys on some reputable engine companies that put out a strong product and stand behind their work.

I have had many recomend SBT but I have had as many tell me not to get my motor from them with accompanying stories. looks great and similarly priced and highly recomended by many praising Robert, but seems maybe he sold the business. I would just appreciate some input fro you guys.
Thanks alot.

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