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Hello, I'm a newb to the kawasaki forum and stand-up jetski's but not conventional skis, I own a seadoo gtx.

I just bought a Kawasaki JS550B. Its an 86. Got it for next to nothing and is in great shape. Hasn't been out in a few years and since there's still snow on the ground here in montana its going to be a winter project. I'll be doing an entire engine out of hull restore. It has compression but I want to replace the rings. Everything else looks good. The PO said it needs a new cdi/ignition box so I'll be looking for one soon. Kinda want to at least hear it run before I pull the engine to have a little peace of mind while I'm rebuilding the ski.

Typical newb questions. Anything I should be looking at/for/checking? Tips? Parts that should be replaced, interchange etc?


PS: I'll be using the search feature all night, just figured I should say hello from Bigfork MT on flathead lake and let you know what I have to bring to the table.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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