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i recently got them from a friend of mine who doesnt know a thing about them. And i tried them out this past weekend and ran into a couple of small problems and one big one. the first day i took them out they both ran great no problems at all. but when we took them out the second day, one of them quit running. and when i mean it quit running i mean it was still running but when i gave it gas it didnt accelerate or move at all for that matter. I looked into the cover and saw that the black cover near the end of the boat had a piston in it that when i gave it gas the piston thing spun but seemed like it broke or something. if i could get any help on this it would be appreciated. and the other problem was on the other jet ski, it ran great when it was one person on it, but when 2 people got on it it ran really slow even at full throttle, and even then when it was just me on it it took a while for it to go fast, i dont know if it needs a tune up or what is wrong with that one either. i enjoyed them alot the first day but im having problems with them now and i would love to get them running good again so any help is appreciated.
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