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900 zxi low compression

i bought a 1995 900Zxi jetski that needs carbs but i decided to do a comp. test 1st just with the starter turning the engine i get 95,100,100 psi... is that horrible should i cut my losses or cont with the carb work
I recently bought a '95 900 zxi machine. Prev owner ran a comp check right before my eyes with a screw-in tester. Read 96 lbs, nearly identical on all cyl. At home I repeated the test with 2 different hand-held gauges, and got 114 lbs on one, and 119 lbs on the other... again nearly identical readings on all 3 cyl. The book value is 121 lbs new. My machine runs great... it will nearly throw you off the back on aceleration. I don't know which gauge is most accurate, but it is good if all 3 cyl read close to the same. Good luck.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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