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Ongoingsaga, 1995 sts750 is on second sbt engine, runs smooth and clean but develops poor power and tops out at about 5500 rpms while service manual says it should make 58hp at 6500 rpm, so I am short some rpms and the ski struggles tocome out of the water with two riders, but eventuAlly will.

In contrast, my 1996 Polaris 700slt runs circles around it, andpops out of the water pulling a tube and extra rider with comparative ease.

So, the weak Kawasaki has some issue, carbs and fuel pump arerebuilt and spotless. Compression is about 120 on a newish, warranty replAcement sbt engine which seems low, but about the same as the Polaris which has so much more power, way more power.

Aboout the only clue i can give are the jets are out about three turns to develop anypiston wash. Factory settings appear way to lean. I read of no way to adjust or set timing, it seems fixed. I am reallyopen for ideas.

By theway, I rigged afuel bulb to add gas at high rpm to see if it wasfuel starvation, but it just bogged down.
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