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I recently just got this from a friend who did not use it anymore. My friend told me that he tried to start it and that it did not even crank and he went and bought a new battery for it. In the process of taking off the battery cable connections to clean them, he broke off the connection "bolt/port" where the cable from the battery goes into the electrical system.

I went out and bought the new part for it

Now, here is my problem. When I re-connect the battery cables to the battery, they start sparking everywhere. I have tried hooking up the red/positive first and tried reversing it and hooking up the black/negative first.

If I hook them up regardless of the initial sparks and hook up the cables to where they go, smoke starts coming from the electrical box and the front of the engine. I noticed an exposed wire was red hot.

Now, I'm not an expert at this stuff but it seems to me as if something isnt grounded. I wanted to make sure I wasnt doing something blatantly stupid before I took it in to get looked at. THanks
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