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2 Jet Skis

1990 440 mostly stock, minor bolt on accessories $500

1979 440 modified to 550 - Jet Co Stage 3 boat - Original owner $900
This boat is a sleeper, clocked at 42 MPH back in the day, all mods are simple bolt on upgrades, it's a 440 with a 550 cylinder, runs very good. I have to be honest it has many hours on the top end and an original crank. It is a great boat, I enjoyed 20+ years on it.
Mods include:
stock 550 cylinder, Pistons & Studs
Shaved head
Exhaust diverter
Stainless pipe
Added water jackets
Flame arrester
40 or 42mm (can't remember which) Walbro carburator
Stainless overlap prop & Stainless pump
Bored out exit jet cone
Bars & ride plate
Steering stops cut for sharper turns
5.5 gallon tank
A box of stock and spare parts


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