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Hi all...I have a 2015 stx-15 F. It has hydro-locked on me 3 x since I have owned it. I drain the water from the cylinders...change oil 3x and I'm good to go. Now---last week I put the ski in the water, daughter drove around for 15 minutes. Left it at the dock to be used in a few hours. Water was calm and no wave action. My daughter tried to start--cant turn over. I took the ski back home and went through the same song and dance with draining the water--change the oil and I am good to go for another ???
When I was changing the filter (PIA) I noticed this yellow and black connector on the right front floor of the ski. I cannot find any female connector. Some folks say its a slo mode connector--one guy said it was a cam shaft sensor ???
With the Hydo-locking issue I read a lot of forums and haven't found any real specific solutions. Some say its the water box...others say its a head gasket....I am at a loss. The ski does NOT get abused and I have had it since new. ANY thoughts about how best to try and narrow down the issue would be appreciated. It was 96 last week...water flat...and the SOB died on me. By the way I am on brackish water on the Hudson river.


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