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Hello there,
I recently purchased a Kawasaki 650 stand up jet ski for $400. i dont know how old it is but it ran great until i let my buddy borrow it, when it ended up in my shed the next day and it wouldn't start. I looked through older posts and saw one thread that was relavant and it said to adjust the mixture screw on the carb. I did this and nothing improved. the sparkplugs are working, there is fuel making it to the cylinder or at least the spark plugs reeked of it when i pulled and tested them. Anyways i have been looking for some assistance and i figured one of the bright minds of pwcforum could help me out. thanks for any help guys, i know this stuff probably gets old but i have practically taken up drinking trying to figure this one out.:ShowLetter4:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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