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I am about to buy three stand up skis one is 89 650sx stock,88 300sx bored .50 over and the problem ski 88 650sx with milled aftermarket head,intake,exhaust,and mikuni carb.The guy took the carb off to a kawasaki shop in cleveland tn to have it rebuilt and cleaned.When he went to go pick it up the next day they gave it back to him and had said they lost a jet couldnt find it and said he was on his own.Because they couldnt find it or order it because i guess the are idiots:dunno::dunno::175:. But he has a complete extra motor and stock carb but affarid of putting it on there because of the possiblity of leaning it out. I do not know what the carb is except it is a mikuni aftermarket off a kawasaki 650sx missing the needle jet screw off the side of it, The guy who has it now says he cant find any numbers on it . So please help if you need a pic of the carb just ask and ill post my email so i can get some help would really like to ride it soon if we cant figure it out maybe a new carb set up
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