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Hello All,

I have a 1996 Kawasaki with the 750 motor. I have recently removed the oil injection pump due to the oil lines starting to fail. It was removed lines capped, block off plate installed, and fuel pre-mixed. No problems since. While out on the water this past weekend the ski began to pee less and less water. We turned and headed back towards the dock as soon as we noticed it. Under higher RPMs it would pee better but not as it should. We were not operating in shallow water and I checked the inlet area and could not find any reason to believe it sucked up any debris. The water temp sensor was by passed by the previous owner but I am sure it overheated due to the color of the motor and becuase some of the plastic coating on a wire was starting to melt.
My first question is does any one know of any common problems with these motors that do not allow water to properly flow through it?

I have not had a chance to put a compression guage on the motor yet but I feel confident that it is now way below par just because of the way it sounds when I turn the motor over. It will try and crank with a little starting fluid put will not run.

So my second question is after a over heat like this what are the common parts that must be changed or checked?

Thanks for your help.
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