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Okay, this winter I was looking up videos on you tube and I really got hooked on jetski freestyle. I know how to ride mine pretty well, just from years of being on the water and such, but I have never really been able to do any tricks.
So this winter I am putting on as many after market parts as i can find and afford to make it freestyle savvy this summer.

I have already got a 2 degree pump wedge to angle the nozzle up. I just ordered a freestyle (more torque) pump cone as well. I have a WORX ride plate which is already on, and vForce reeds, but other than that it is completely stock.

I have been looking at exhaust but they are very expensive and might come later.

The main question I have is what size carburetor adapters do I need to get after market flame arrestors?

And what suggestions does anybody have on impellers and other pump or engine modifications?

Any other comments are very much appreciated!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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