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how muchh should i give for three nice running late 80's skis 2 650s and a 300

  • 1000 cash

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  • 1200 cash

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  • or trade a 2000 400ex atv

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I am bout to buy three stand up skis one is a 88 kaw 650sx with shaved head,intake,exhast, carb and the carb is the prob it has a mikuni carb that i know nothing about. the guy took it off to have it rebuilt a a kawasaki shop in cleaveland tn and they lost a jet or needle jet and gave it back to him and said hes on his own idk the model of it and what size it needs but here is my email for the picture for subject put CARB [email protected] but please no :spam:
would really like some help with it its a mikuni carb :1zhelp::smilie_help:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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