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Aloha to whom ever might be out there....

I own a Kawasaki STX 12F and it does'nt idle. It starts up but soon stalls. I have taken out the idle speed controller on the trottle body and started it up to see if it would run using my finger to plug the hole then partially make an opening so air will flow once it started. I was told to do this by a certified Kawasaki Mech. for trouble shooting purposes only. Because there is no humming or buzzing sound when the motor stops. I can run the motor at 4000 RPM but soon as I drop it down to 3000 RPM it stalls. The fuel filter is clean, the gas is good, (I only use non-ethanol gas), the fuel pump is working, I changed the spark plugs. I'm wondering if it's an ignition problem or fuel problem:confused: If anyone has any suggestions or question please write back.

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