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Hi. I own a 2006 model, and was reading the manual on Storing for the winter. Seems fairly straighforward except for a couple of things that I hope I can get answered here.

1. The book says to run the engine for up to 15 seconds to drain water from the system. Will this get ALL the water out of the cooling system? Is it a good idea to add some kind of anti-freeze solution into the cooloing system after being flushed just to be sure? It gets very cold here in the winter.

2. The book talks about bilge system flushing in the maintenance and adjustments section. Disconnecting the two bilge hoses from the breather fitting is easy enough. But next it talks about connecting the BILGE FILTER HOSE (from bottom of hull) to the garden hose. This is where the book loses me. What Bilge Filter hose are they talking about, and where exactly is it?

By the way, i have 120 hours on my ski now, and it has given me no problems whatsoever. Great job Kawasaki!!!
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