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Selling all parts below as a pkg, not separately
Pkg price: $250.00

Two Cranks with Rods, no play
Crank with play in one Rod
Case Halves, no corrosion
Flywheel Covers- (qty-4)
Cylinders, nice Bore
Carb, 28mm, Klein, good
Stock Air Filter & Covers
Carb, 44mm, good, clean-
Intake, stock
Exhaust Manifold & pipe section
Handle Pole, stock, no repairs or cracks
Handle Pole Base
Coil- (qty-3)
Front Bumper
Stator (qty-3)
Starter, clean
Voltage Regulator
Starter Relay (qty-2)
Misc Vinyl Padding pieces
Stock Pump Cover
Fuel Tank

Separate Items

1990 SX650 Bare Hull, needs repair: $75.00
West Coast Head , $100.00

Phone: 425-252-6592, Seattle, Wa.
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