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Hi All,
last weekend I finally took out my Kawasaki TS 650 for the very first time.
So it started right up no problem got on the water and it was drivable only on the Choke position, soon as I turn the knob to the On the jetski stalls. While it was on Choke, it drove very slow and was producing a lot of smoke and wasn't going very fast (practically crawled). So I drove it around for about an hour, and then all of the sudden it start to just fly, became extremely fast. I did a few spins and all with 1 more person on board, then all of the sudden it stalls on me and flips, couldn't get it to start for a while, had to get a tow to the shore, at the shore was able to get it to start, ran for a few more minutes, turned it off and couldn't start for the second time.

So naturally I'm freaking out if there could be any damage to it, and also want to figure out why it wasn't riding fast at first and later on all of the sudden it became fast, and why only on choke position? Any thought?
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