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Kawasaki ZX I 1100( 2001)

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I am still working on the 2001 Kawasaki ZXI 1100, I will let OCEAN PRO know that the primary Diaphrams were busted and filling the Carbs with fuel. I replaced the diaphrams and corrected the problem, but now the ski will not power up! I have not came up on this problem but I was told that the slides in the Carbs have to move and I knew that but I am not sure at what RPMs they need to open, and could this be the power problem? I pulled the flame Arrestor off and no matter how far I open the throttle with the engine running the slides do not move! HELP!
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what carbs?
2001 KAWASAKI ZXI 1100- Carb prob SOLVED!

Well I posted a thread on this Ski and no one replied except the Ocean Pro Slutt or what ever the correct name is! his response like always is short and confusing, Well I will let anyone who really cares know that the carbs on these Skis are pretty simple after all! The secondary slides in the carbs move soon as you touch the throttle, and I had a problem with the diaphrams sealing on the carbs! they were stretched out! I replaced them and the ski runs fine!
yes you can download the manual for free at mukiuni or kehins

did you rebuild and check pop off pressure?
I didnt need a manual, I have posted the correction for the problem. thanks anyway.
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