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Kawasaki ZXI 1100 (2001) Engine full of gas!!

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Well I need help again as I have another pink Elephant in my shop! I am working on a 2002 Kawasaki 1100 ZXI, The Exhaust port and cylinder heads a filling up with gas! the customer took the ski to a shop here in lake norman and they told him $2800 they bbrought it to me for a second opinion and I just knew it would be the reeds! Nope reeds are perfect! the other shop checked nothing I can tell! they just wanted to sell a new ski! any Ideas? Oceanslutyou have to have seen this before.
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No EFI! Gonna check the floats, thanks for the info! should have done it anyways just didnt really want to tear down the carbs! no short cuts.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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