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keeps bogging

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hey i have been trying to fix this for a while but never new what i should do. i have a 1993-1995 dont raly no but when ever i try and speed up on it its just bogs down and wont go. its makes a very loud nose. the odd time if i am the only one on it (110 pounds)it might work but not all the time. at the start of last summer it worked pretty good. when trying to pull some one up on a wake board it will just sit there when your giving it full throtel. please help i would like to use it for the summer!!!:confused: :D :dunno:
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what model please
im pretty sure its a gtx .dont realy no much about it. its the purple and pink one.
any one no any thing i can do
look at the pump
will it tach out on land?
what do you meen by tach?
and do you know any web sites i could get diagrams on the sea doo?
tach out as in wide open throttle
ummm it will the odd time it mostly does it in water..its makes like a knocking sound in water.
did you solve your problem cause i'm havin similar issues with the samemodel of boat.somebody said check the pump?
mine will rev to the limiter on land but boggs right out in the has new rings and pistons,carb kit,all new fuel lines,fresh gas, and new castrol mix oil.I know the impeller and stator both have good dings but i didn't think that would cause the bogging problem
a good friend of myne tole me it was the part tha the impeller siits in he said that from lots of sand and things like that going through it wheres it down to almost nothing. there for that water just leaks by around the imperpeller and only some of it is being pushed out from the imperpeller
????? any one heard about this
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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