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I've never used and only vaguely remember hereing of them before. It is TC-W3 qualified so you can use in your ski. I just don't know the name. The cheapest I could find it is about $47 a gallon.
Not sure what benefits your looking for.
Amzoil injector oil would be closely comparable and only $39 a gallon retail $28 if your a preferred customer. Cheaper yet if purchased in 4 gallon case.
Just looking at options to save on yearly running cost.
Remember when changing it's NOT recommend to mix any oils. Best to clean out system install new and prime. At the very least run oil level way down, to almost out, then change if switching to Amsoil. Amsoil recommendation is to minimize mixing at very least. Not sure on Klotz oil about mixing.
Again best not to mix at all.
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